If the Add-in is not present, follow the steps in the Quick Start to enable the Add-in.

NOTE: The Add-in to Outlook only works with Microsoft Exchange email accounts. So it should work fine with most school, college and university accounts as well as your business account, but won't work with other email servers such as Gmail

WARNING: If you have added a business email account to a virgin installation of Outlook, the Add-in will not appear until you then close and re-start Outlook

Desktop Outlook - Add-in frame appears but content is blank

For reasons best know to Microsoft, even though the Add-in is a small block of code, the first attempt to run an Add-in can lead to it being partially loaded. Leave it for 2-3 hours then re-start Outlook. It should then load as normal and will be fine thereafter.

Mobile phone - extreme case

If your phone has an expired SIM card, the Add-in will not load. Replace the SIM card with one that you know works or remove it completely, whilst ensuring that the phone has a data connection via wi-fi.

CloudFiler still not showing in Outlook desktop?

The CloudFiler icon will normally appear automatically but if it hasn't appeared within a sensible period, you can find it by selecting All Apps from the Outlook ribbon menu,

 then select Add-Apps,

from the menu on the left select Built for your org and then CloudFiler

Then pick Open