Release date - 14-01-2023

  Bug - Failing to handle non-writeable folders

The Sync Connector now checks whether folders have write permissions and will both skip them if they don't and write a log with details.

  Improvement - Improved logging

Logging information is now both more detailed and laid out more clearly.

Release date - 23-11-2022

  Improvement - Improved installer

In some situations the previous installer would fail to copy the license file.

Release date - 15-10-2022

  Improvement - Enhanced logging

This release includes advanced logging to help identify sync issues when they arise.

  Improvement - Improved skip & retry

More reliable in skipping messages that it currently can not sync.

  Warning - Fixed retry period of 1 minute

This build does not yet get its wait time from the server and therefore retries every minute.


Release date - 03-06-2022

  New Feature - Initial release

This is the initial release version which provides the ability to sync messages in CloudFiler to Windows file system folders.