Release date - 30-08-2023

  Bug - Sent date of emails copied to the clipboard was incorrect

Emails showed a sent date of when they were copied to the clipboard rather then when they were sent. They now show the correct date.

Release date - 15-07-2023

  Bug - Failing if same email is rapidly opened twice

The App now gracefully handles any errors that occur when a user makes repeated and rapid attempts to open the same email. 

  Improvement - Automated upgrading installer

You no-longer need to un-install the previous version of the software as the installer will detect the presence of an earlier version and uninstall that first. This is sometimes referred to as ‘over the top installation’ or ‘automated upgrading’.

Release date - 01-07-2023

  New Feature - Copies the email to the clipboard

When you open an email via the search tool the Helper will now also copy it to the clipboard as an MSG, allowing you to paste it into a new email. If you have Windows notifications enabled, you will see a notification similar to this example.

  Improvement - More reliable pathing

The code is now using newer methods to establish the users 'Downloads' folder.

  Improvement - Bringing the opened email to the foreground

The Helper now uses multiple methods to bring the message to the foreground so that it is not opened behind other windows.

  Improvement - Logging

It now writes a log file to %localappdata%\CloudFiler\Helper

  Improvement - Installer reliability

Whereas previous installers created a scheduled task in Windows Task Scheduler to ensure that the Helper was automatically restarted for you, it now adds the Helper to your Windows Start-up group so that it is started when you log in.

Release date - 21-05-2023

  Improvement - PowerShell used to add the Helper to Task Scheduler

In one customer environment the installer was unable to set up the action in Task Scheduler to start the Helper. This new installer now spawns a PowerShell script to set up the Task Scheduler action.

Release date - 14-02-2023

  Bug - Failing on Windows 11 following an update

Following the update to Version 10.0.22621 Build 22621, the tool exhibited two problems. Firstly it would display a blank console window and secondly it would no longer open downloaded emails. 

The new code uses a revised method.

Release date - 08-01-2023

  Improvement - Clean-up

When processing emails that have been downloaded via the search, the Helper will now delete EML files that are no longer needed.

  Improvement - Enhanced security

Includes improvements to prevent malware from exploiting the Helper when it opens folders for the Add-in.

Release date - 06-01-2023

  New Feature - Initial release

This is the initial release of the Helper. This tool currently provides two features:

    1. It opens emails for the search tool
    2. It explores folders for the Add-in