The Add Location to CloudFiler tool is accessed by right-clicking a folder in Windows File Explorer

NOTE: If the CloudFiler options fail to appear when you right-click files or folders, you may need to get your IT people to install the CloudFiler Shell Extension for you.

As most customers of CloudFiler who choose to sync their messages to file system folders, also prefer to place messages in a sub-folder (typically called 'email'), CloudFiler defaults to selecting the name of the folder one level above the one you selected.

For example, if your folder is P:\Americas\aviation\Berkley Terminal 5\email , CloudFiler will assume that the location name is Berkley Terminal 5. If that's incorrect, you can either select another part of the folder path that contains the correct name by selecting the down-arrow and picking it from the list, or you can just type a name.

Silent Video: Using the Shell Extension's right-click option to Add Locations in Windows File Explorer.

TIP: If you are running Windows 11 or later, you may need to select Show more options at the bottom of the list

WARNING: CloudFiler won't allow locations to share the same name. Also note that not all users can create locations. This is managed cetrally by your CloudFiler administrator.