The Shell Extension is an optional App that adds three right-click options to Windows File Explorer:

  1. Copy link/s to clipboard
  2. Send link/s
  3. Add Location to CloudFiler


When the Licenses/Tokens/Apps section of the portal becomes available, you will be able to download both the MSI installer and your license file from there.

Until then, we will have provided your license files via email and access to the installers via a shared folder.

WARNING: Be sure to place the file on a local drive as the installer can fail to copy the license if it is on a network drive.

We are working with the installer vendor to resolve this.

Log files

The shell extension writes log files to the following folder:

 %localappdata%\CloudFiler\Shell Extension Log\

If you suspect that something is not working correctly, be sure to check these files; the most recent entries are at the bottom of the file.

Change Log

Check the Change log  for patches and new releases.