If message files are not syncing into their destination folders it could be caused by one of the following:

Permissions on the destination

The Windows user account that is running the sync service may not have write permissions on the destination folder. Check permissions and make sure that the user is a domain user see File Sync Service

WARNING: Be sure to assign a domain user and provide a password, otherwise the sync service will not be able to write to network folders.

Sync Service is not running

It's possible that the sync service has stopped. On the machine that is running the service, run the Windows Services application and check the status of CloudFiler Sync Service

If it's not running, right-click it and select Start

Sync license is invalid

If the sync service does not have a valid licence it can't operate, so check the log file (see below).

One or more sync paths are invalid

If a user has moved or renamed folders, the paths in CloudFiler will be invalid and will need to editing - see Location Properties

Check the log file

The Sync Service writes a log file named ServiceLog.txt in a sub-folder of the installation folder (typically: C:\Program Files (x86)\Dinamich Ltd\CloudFiler Sync Service\ServiceLog)

If files are not syncing as expected, be sure to check this log; the most recent entries are at the bottom of the file.