The search tool makes finding what you are looking for fast and easy.

Launching the search tool

You can launch the search either from the icon at the bottom of the menu... 

...or by clicking on either the Location's description or its folder icon and then selecting Search.

The search interface

The search interface is subject to changing in the coming months because the underlying search engine is due to change. So the search interface will be similar but no necessarily the same as this:

Using the search tool

[A video showing search featuresvwill be added when the search engine has been replaced]

NOTE: To ensure security, the search will time-out after 10 mins of inactivity. To continue searching, launch a new search.

Opening emails

On Windows with Outlook desktop

Double-click the message or select the Download button at the foot of the preview. If you have the CloudFiler helper installed, the message will open in Outlook, otherwise the message will appear in your browser's downloads folder and you can open it from there, typically by selecting the  'Open file' link.

On a mobile device

Opening emails via the search on mobile devices is currently not supported.