The Locations tab on the portal lists the filing locations you have created in CloudFiler.

Depending on your user permissions you may or may not be able to edit locations and you may only see some of those that are in the system.

Role based security

CloudFiler enables you to control which users can file and search each filing location. This is achieved by creating named groups of people e.g. Directors, Human Resources, etc., and the granting one or more groups access to a given location.

For example if you wanted to only allow directors access to a Board Reporting filing location, you would create a group called Directors, add all the directors to that group and then ensure that only that group is able to access the Board Reporting location.

You can create as many groups as you need and name them as you choose.

When you add Group it will appear as a new column in the table.

For convenience, CloudFiler has two special built-in groups, All Users and CF Admin:

The All Users group is automatically populated with all the users in Exchange and by default is granted User permissions.

The CF Admin group is by default given Config permissions on all locations. 

Understanding user permissions

At the foot of the screen shot above you will find a key that explains the permissions. 

Here they are in tabular format.

Can file

Can search

Can edit





The CF Admin is ideal for your business administrator/s

We recommend that you add your administrative staff to the CF Admin group as this will enable them to create new locations for colleagues and make edits when required, but they won't be able to file into the locations or search them unless they are members of a different group that has User or Full rights on that location.

Tenant Administrators do not have access to locations unless granted via a group

It is important to understand that whilst tenant Administrators have high-level rights to to manage he tenant via the portal, this does not grant them any rights to file & search locations and they will have to be granted access in the same way as other users. They do however have Config rights on all locations and can therefore add and edit locations.

Location Properties

You can change the name of a location and its sync path via the Location Properties