CloudFiler can remind you to check that you have selected a filing location. All you need to do is install the Prompt to File Outlook plug-in, which your administrator can download via the Licenses/Tokens/Apps section of the CloudFiler portal.

Supported versions

Although it has yet to be tested on all versions of Outlook, the plug-in is designed to work with Outlook 2013 and above.


When the Licenses/Tokens/Apps section of the portal becomes available, you will be able to download the MSI installer from there.

Until then, we provide access to the installers via a shared folder (check your emails).

Ensure that you have installed the version of the add-in that matches the 'bitness' of Outlook (not Windows). So install the x64 version if you have installed 64-bit Outlook, otherwise install the 32-bit version.

WARNING: Install according to the bitness of Outlook. We provide installer for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Outlook. Be sure to install the one that matches the bitness of Outlook and NOT the bitness of Windows.

Follow these steps to find the 'bitness' of your Outlook

    1. In Outlook pick File from the top menu
    2. At the bottom-left pick Office Account
    3. Then pick the big About Outlook button in the middle of the dialogue
    4. The 'bitness' is reported on the top line

Why have a separate plug-in?

CloudFiler uses the latest 'Add-in' (not plug-in) technology to interact with Outlook. This is the direction that Microsoft would like all developers of Outlook enhancements to follow. Unfortunately Add-ins can not offer a menu or prompt when you hit Send.

For some users this is fine but most want to have a reminder to check that they have selected the correct filing location/s, so until Microsoft allow developers to add the prompt, we have provided this plug-in. 

Add-in vs. plug-in

Unfortunately Microsoft's documentation is inconsistent and uses the term Add-in to refer to both VSTO plug-ins and JavaScript based Add-ins, so here's a quick explanation.


An Add-in is a light-weight JavaScript tool that is displayed in a right-hand menu bar in Outlook. They are: accessed via the Outlook desktop ribbon menu, have the word Add-in underneath them, and work on all Outlook platforms; phones, browsers, Macintoshes, etc.


A plug-in is a VSTO DLL that is installed on a Windows desktop PC and loads into Outlook desktop via some registry settings. They are also known as COM Add-ins and are amongst the tools listed when you select File | Options | Add-ins | <Manage COM Add-ins> | Go...

Microsoft discourage developers from creating these plug-ins (COM Add-ins) as this is an old technology which they plan to retire. 


The add-in writes a log file into the following folder, so be sure to take a look at the details if it's not working as expected. 


See Prompt To File does not appear if it is not appearing or if it appears when you don't want it to.

Change Log

Check the Change log  for patches and new releases.