Once you have completed the steps to Enable CloudFiler on Exchange and the Add-in has appeared in Outlook, you can proceed to create one or more locations and then test filing and searching.

Create one or more locations

There are four ways that you can create locations:

  1. Via the web based Portal  [To be added]
  2. By right-clicking a folder in Windows Explorer if you have installed the Shell Extension
  3. By importing locations via CloudFiler's Bulk Uploader which you can down load from the Licenses/Tokens/Apps section of the portal
  4. Use the CloudFiler API (programming interface) to create locations

Use one of the methods above to create one or more locations.

Now file some test messages

Follow the Quick Start for users steps to file both incoming and out-going emails. Then search for them to ensure that you can find the emails that you have just filed.

Syncing emails back to your own storage

If require emails to be synced to own storage, install the File Sync Service then check that the emails you filed earlier have been synced.

You are now ready to go

Your system is now running and you can start to roll it out to staff, however we recommend that you take a moment to consider the following:

  • Do you need to test on mobile devices and Outlook Web Access. There is no reason why it should not work on these but if you know that your staff will be using these methods, it would be wise to try them anyway
  • Deployment - big bang or gradual roll out? We recommend a gradual roll out for businesses with 20+ staff but each business is different.